Incline bench cable row – Most individuals choose the gym they go to based on th…

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Incline bench cable row – Most individuals choose the gym they go to based on the number of plates and equipments they offer, as well as the presence of clean-functional restroom/shower. How about the adjustable bench? For most, it is only used for a chest routine or as a spot for their drinking bottle, phone, etc. For me, a good bench allows for better facilitation of various exercise routines (back, shoulders, legs, etc.) especially when it comes to stabilization. You see, I can move a lot of heavy weights given the right circumstances (momentum, leverage, etc.). Archimedes himself said, “Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will move the whole world.” Of course he meant literally and figuratively, be as to life or just plain physics. Incorporating the use of an adjustable bench on a lot of exercises, I just could not do that, it is very restrictive in that sense. When it comes to body building, or anything for that matter, cheating is not an option. I admit to not being a saint, but discovering a healthy lifestyle done right and encountering a lot of adverse cases (joint diseases, LBP, rhabdomyolysis, etc.) in my profession recently changed me. I stopped caring about being ahead because I know it will not do me any good, e.g. chasing PRs=long term injuries/degeneration, supplements=questionable organ (kidney,liver) issues/diseases, etc. I have kids and I think it is unfair and selfish if I cannot be an effective dad physically broken because I overdid or injured myself from a lift. The quote that says “Your body can withstand up to almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince” is erroneous in this case. If you lift/move heavy stuff for a living, I encourage you to train hard but be safe. If lifting is just part of healthy lifestyle for you, be cautious and smart, do not chase the dragon. The weight that I’m lifting here is a joke, even my son at 5y/o can lift it. I use the bench for stabilization while I am keenly aware of my form. Some sweat+lighting and projection to the n’th degree just makes it look awesome.

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