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KILO – a prefix meaning a thousand.

KILOS – MOVE: Noun – a change of place, position, or state. a step taken especially to gain an objective: MANEUVER : Verb (PROGRESS) – to cause to) progress, change, or happen in a particular way or direction: to prompt or rouse to the doing of something : PERSUADEread details »

Ariel Silano , OTR/L, OTRP, NASM CPT/CES1

Kilos Davao: Wellness Center and Rehabilitation Clinic #29 J. Nidea Street, Barrio Obrero, Davao City 8000


KILOS DAVAO, despite its open source-free form approach of selecting associates is not hap hazard and daring. How do we know that? Open reviews from clients will hold each of us accountable. You should know that this vocation also puts food on the table for our associates, or for most, it is the only thing we know and love; our passion; our life’s worth. In simple math terms: a good job = good review = increase in productivity. A bad job = bad review = no job. Open reviews will allow us the privilege of showcasing and imparting our wellness skills one person strong at a time. It only takes a small ripple to start a big wave after all

About the founder

Davao Doctors Hospital

Visiting Occupational Therapist (2018 – Present)

Home Health Therapist – Occupational Therapist

Nurse on Call Home Health Care – Port Charlotte, Florida USA (2008 – 2018)

Desoto Health and Rehab LLC. – Occupational Therapist

475 Nursing Home Drive, Arcadia, Florida 34266 (2008 – 2010)

Rehab 1 of Charlotte County – Occupational Therapist

Tamiami Trail, Suite A, Port Charlotte, Florida 33952 (2007 – 2008)

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Ariel F. Sillano
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What does a session look like?

For therapy: Recovery and independence does not occur in the therapy center and is not dependent on the knowledge and skill of the therapist. It is a common belief and practice amongst patients and therapists to have at least an hour or more treatment time per session. This adheres to the principle of quantity (the […]

What are you rates?

We have several rates based on the qualifications and work experience of our staff: FOR THERAPY/REHABILITATION MEDICINE – OUT-PATIENT (performed at KILOS DAVAO HQ) LEVEL I Therapist/Senior Therapist Active/Unexpired domestic/international professional license. 10 years or more ACTIVE therapist experience domestic and international or 1 year KILOS DAVAO associate fellowship. Active/Unexpired certifications not limited to: Basic […]

What are Ratings?

We consider the ratings to be the backbone of this endeavor. Honestly speaking, monetary gains is of course a reason why people keep their job with questionable staying capabilities, it is also not the only reason. The amount of compensation does not ensure people will do better at their job. We believe that a good […]

How many sessions are we allowed to have?

You can schedule a minimum of one session for therapy evaluation to a maximum of one PERIOD* at a time to reserve..

How do I choose a program?

We offer two (2) available services options right now. Scroll down for options, one is marked THERAPY /REHABILITATION MEDICINE* the other is ‘PERSONAL TRAINING’.

Any staff opening?

Are you ready to showcase your qualifications & skills?

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