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Robert Kwiatkowski – Arcadia, Florida

I’ve known Mr. Sillano for about 4 years.  The first time I met him was when he was my therapist while I was in a rehabilitation facility recovering from a motor bike accident.  I was impressed from the very beginning by his knowledge as well as his cleverness.  He always seemed to be able to find enjoyable ways to accomplish the task of getting me back up on my feet.
     Since then, he has provided physical and occupational therapy for me two more times in my home for different problems I had.  He always managed to be not only successful but to make the therapy sessions enjoyable rather than something I dreaded or had to force myself to do.  He is the best therapist I’ve ever heard of and I can assure you, from my own personal experience, that if you use his services, you will not be disappointed.

Timothy L Garcia

credible therapist, wont baby treat patients,pushes you further.

Kimberly Parsons

I’ve had MS for over 20 years and have had more than my share of different therapist along the way and he is the best! He pushed me (with a smile!) to do the work I needed to do but didn’t always want and I’m very great full for it. Hands down he’s the best!

Terry M.

Ariel is doing a good job with my mom after she had a stroke. She is physically improving thanks to Ariel👍

Beseu L,

Their therapist are good and true professional I could attest my patient can’t even move and nobody could make him stand and do a little exercise, now his amazingly doing more of what we’re expecting him to do.

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