Kamalayan Initiative

Kamalayan – Awareness, consciousness, understanding, cognizance

Kamalayan initiative is a homage to my children, ‘Kawayan – Kai – KAMA’ and ‘Malaya – Maya – LAYAN’. We subscribe to the idea of the the lyrics of the song ‘I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way’. Unfortunately, teaching is just one challenge to shaping our children’s minds to become great leaders of the future. You cannot simply train or skill a brain with an empty-aching stomach. Materials are as important to learning as well as to get it going. Every second Saturday of the month, KILOS DAVAO will have an open house. With the assistance of our therapists and personal trainers, there will be informal workout and therapy session with all the participants. We will accept canned goods and school supplies worth at least 500 pesos minimum for admission. Everything we collected will be distributed to public school children before the beginning of their school year every year.

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     I spent quite a while training with this

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FREE WORKOUT FRIDAY: 12/13/19 – "Come to the edge," he