12 posterior deltoid raises x 30 double unders x 10 burpees x 4 sets x 30 secs r…

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12 posterior deltoid raises x 30 double unders x 10 burpees x 4 sets x 30 secs rest intervals – With goals of hypertrophy, I allow myself at least 4days for a muscle group to recover after a workout. Compound movements especially done with weights simply is just counter productive to my goals. I also refrain mixing up olympic or power lifting type of movements/lifts to my HIIT routine by principle. Considering the complexity of these lifts, as a therapist, I say that it is not for all, as prescribed or scaled especially if an individual is hitting it for reps at a time. Hence the single rep rule when you watch pros during competitions. The probability of error is just too high for beginners months even a year in even for pros. Take what you are reading now with a grain of salt but I have been there, ‘got addicted to its principles during since its infancy. I use to do ‘WODs’ once or twice a day, even have my certification that just expired this month. At the end of the day, I am still a therapist and a practitioner of it until now. I study and critique movements for a living. There’s just a mismatch on both respects(Olympic/Power lifting and HIIT). We should remember that the pioneers of this principle has not aged yet, there’s no evidence yet of the long term effects may it be of benefits, sustenance even side effects. All I know based on experience working with the elderly population, most of their conditions are not just from under activity or just being sick, most of them were also very active may it be in sports or exercise when they were young. There is such thing as doing things extremely which is counter productive. The truth is, HIIT is good, if done correctly and responsibly. Do not do it just for the rush or the sense of ranking. Do it with its purpose in mind, for ‘power’. This translates to increase in the rate of force production with a fast and explosive tempo that can be controlled using intensity within 30%-45% at 1rep max. Most of the people now who goes to the gym have other obligations and roles in life too. As therapists and trainers, our role is to help patients and clients achieve their goals safely and effectively.



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Instagram Post by Ben Carpenter • August 28, 2020 at 09:59AM PDT

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