What does a session look like?

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For therapy: Recovery and independence does not occur in the therapy center and is not dependent on the knowledge and skill of the therapist. It is a common belief and practice amongst patients and therapists to have at least an hour or more treatment time per session. This adheres to the principle of quantity (the longer the better). First of all, KILOS DAVAO does not see our clients/patients as mere numbers. We believe through experience that it should not be the case at all times (pediatrics, elderly, chronic conditions, acute conditions). We pay attention to quality of care, and it does not mean cutting your treatment times short. This should be the mindset and the right process. After we receive the MD orders, the therapist will conduct an evaluation and assessment with the patient. The therapist, patient, care provider/s and family will then collectively formulate long term goal/s for the current encounter*. From that goal, the therapist/s will then formulate, present and review realistic short term goals with the patient, care provider/s and family for approval. After the agreement, a copy will be furnished for the patient and the MD for final approval. The approved goals will be the basis of treatments for the encounter and should be realistically met after a period*, anything less or more would be considered unproductive and shall be opened for discussion by peers (therapists, patient, care providers, family). Maintaining the quality of care by strongly adhering and achieving short term and long term goals regardless of the duration will be more realistic and achievable for the benefit of the patient. Patients with or without care provider/s to assist are expected to come 15-20 minutes ahead of their scheduled time for check-in and warm-up supervised by the therapist. One or two care providers or family member/s depending on the assistance requirements will be allowed on the treatment floor. In adherence to safety, retention of skills and follow-through, no one is allowed to bring/use mobile phones on the treatment floor for the duration (taking photos and videos with mount as approved by the patient and family will be tolerated for home review and follow-through). Active patient, family member/s and care provider participation is highly encouraged at all times. Principles, skills will be discussed, shown, practiced and reviewed at all times. Follow-through at home will be monitored through our ‘Home Program Checklist Form’*.

*ENCOUNTER – new case/diagnosis
*PERIOD – 10-12 sessions
*Home Program Checklist Form – form with a table of specific home exercises program specific to the needs of the patient, answerable by a check/x-mark to be filled on a day to day basis to monitor follow-through at home.

For personal training: Clients are expected to arrive 20 – 30 minutes of their schedule for check-in and warm up depending on their program. ‘No pain, no gain’ is as myth debunked way back when as per KILOS DAVAO’s principles in training individuals. At KILOS DAVAO, we respect the pain. Remember, most of our associates also have medical background and well aware of the limitations of human body mechanics. Majority of the people who goes to KILOS DAVAO familiar with the set-up just wants to feel and be well, it is just counterproductive and does not make any sense to go to a place looking forward to be better and acquire the opposite instead. There are better-smarter ways of being-staying healthy, let us teach you how the right way. At KILOS DAVAO, a challenging activity should run under this mantra instead, ‘No safely-conservative formulated science and experience-based physical and mental discomfort, no gain’. It does not mean that we are not going to break you, we will but all according to normal human body mechanics, anatomy and physiology in response to conservative-progressive exercises depending on your goals. We have a lists of personal trainers with specific skill sets that you can choose from. The personal trainer will then perform an assessment, formulate and propose realistic and timely goals for your approval. The work out sessions will begin based on your baseline skills. We subscribe to the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Integrated Program Design and the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model as to exercise progression that you will learn and master before and during the program. Our personal trainers’ duties and responsibilities is not limited to exercise training alone, we also provide macronutrients management and meal preparation guidance, injury prevention, body composition, corrective exercises program, etc. Be sure to discuss your goals with us during the assessment.



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