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     I spent quite a while training with this kid when I was still in the USA, from the day he asked to join, to the day I left for good. He took a lot of criticisms and shit-talking from me on all the times we trained but never budged. We trained so hard to the point of addiction, I don’t even remember the days we rested. Most of the techniques I use with my clients now are the same ones we experimented back then. Supplementation, techniques, meal preparation and even cheat meals are the things we talked about in between sets. Honestly speaking, Lisandro did not learn anything from me to achieve this goal. He is what he is now because he has the discipline, which I bet he learned from his good folks and the resilience to adjust to whatever state he is in. At his young age, there is much room for growth and expected greatness. He has just begun!


Original entry from: Lisandro Cisneros – Arcadia Florida

May 2nd 18 on the right
215 lbs of bulking for a year(still learning)

165.5 currently and going back up but with a coach.

We’re so afraid of putting our worst out there but fuck that here’s the truth. I was wanted to gain strength so I did what it took but you go out here seeing everyone wanting to get “Tone” or “shred” when they haven’t fully maximized their potential. I still lift about the same amount I did on the right difference is I have more knowledge. But if your so scared of putting on weight you’ll never grow. That’s the harsh reality and that’s what my mentor and my brother @kilosdavao taught me. I promise you I’m still hungry, I still fucking want me dreams. Muscle takes years and years to add slab after slab but we want it now, we want it now. Some people have godly genetics, but I sure as hell wasnt gifted. But I like the challenge, I relish in it and right now I’m more fired up than I ever have been. I will work harder than before there’s no doubt in that. And now that I posted I better keep that word 😂Let’s work 👊🏻


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